Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU
Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU
Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU
Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU
Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU
Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU

Pellet Duo 25 - 85'000 BTU

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Pellet DUO is optimize for burning pellets. The boiler include a self igniter. In addition to wood pellets you may also burn pellets from flax, sunflower husks, as well as grains and cherry pits. If you want to burn pellets and alike and wood, Pellet Duo is your option.

Heat: 4500ft²

Firebox Volume: 118L - 31gal
Firebox Dimension: Length 19", Width 16", Height 39½"
Hopper Volume: 95gal - 450lbs of pellets

Massive Weight: 460KG - 1050lbs

High Quality European Construction 

Pellet Duo are modern automatic fuel supply boilers. The burner is made of heat-resistant stainless steel and is equipped with a self-igniter, flame sensor and an innovative system for cleaning up residues of combustible fuel by means of moving grates. Thanks to the unique innovative technologies and design features of the boiler, complete recovery of the heat energy of the burned fuel is achieved.

The boiler is equipped with a hopper, a feeding auger, a reliable economical reducer, a modern system of protection against fuel ignition and weather-dependent automation TIS-tronic 496p, the operating mode of which allows programming the combustion process depending on operating conditions, weather and fuel quality. Fuel is poured into a large capacious bunker, which ensures the operation of the boiler from 3 to 7 days. The temperature of the exhaust gases is not more than 130-150С. A distinctive feature of this boiler is the fully automatic combustion process (smoldering) of the boiler during the entire heating period, modern design, an individual algorithm for the automation of the boiler.

The boiler is designed for heating residential and industrial facilities, as well as preheating hot water in conjunction with a water heater;

- Coefficient of efficiency, at rated power, not less than 93%;
-Thermal protection from ignition of fuel in the feed mechanism;
- The boiler is made of European high-strength boiler steel grade P265GH 5 mm thick;
- Cleaning and maintenance of the boiler, including the heat exchanger, is carried out from the front of the boiler;
- Powder coating of the boiler skin;
- Thermal insulation of the boiler 50mm;
- Wide opening angle of doors;

The DUO model has an additional chamber for burning wood, coal, peat and wood waste in a manual mode.

Automation allows controlling the operation of the boiler when burning firewood, peat, coal and wood waste in an additional chamber.

Boiler automation functions:
- Auger control
- Fan control (multistage smooth air modulation)
- Office (CO) Central heating pump
- Management (DHW) domestic hot water pump,
- Circulation pump control hot water,
- Management floor circulation pump,
- Mixing valve control,
- Switching to the boiler in the "winter-summer" mode,
- Protection of the boiler from boiling and from the fire in the fuel supply system.

Warranty: 10 years