Pellet Duo 150 - 512 KBTU
Pellet Duo 150 - 512 KBTU
Pellet Duo 150 - 512 KBTU
Pellet Duo 150 - 512 KBTU

Pellet Duo 150 - 512 KBTU

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Pellet Duo is optimized for burning pellets. The boiler includes a self-igniter burner. In addition, you may also burn pellets from flax, sunflower husks, grains, cherry pits and similar or any kind of manual feed biomass.

Heat: 15000 ft²
Weight 2'960 lb, Width 60 1/2'', Depth 44'', Height 66''
Manual Firebox: 56 gal, maximum logs length 48"
Automatic Hopper: 185 gal - 880 lb of pellets
Made in Europe

 European Standards of Emissions EN 303-5:2012

Pellet Duo is our most modern and efficient automatic boiler. The fuel supply operates with a hopper, a motorized auger and a motorized burner feeder with integrated fuel backdraft protection. The burner is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, a self-igniter, flame sensor, moving grates system for cleaning up ashes and the fan. The optimize combustion result in complete heat recovery with a guaranteed efficiency of 92%.

TIS tronic 496p master the combustion process depending on user parameter, weather, exhaust sensor and fuel quality. The controller easily adapt to any modern hydronic heating system and combine with domestic hot water, thermal storage, direct feeding, zone mixing design and more. Simply enter the setpoint heating water temperature and the boiler will modulate the combustion to match load. If there is no load the boiler will standby and reignites when needed. The automation with the large capacity hopper provides 4 to 10 days autonomy. The controller also includes functions of circulation pumps, motorize mixing valve, buffer tank, fuel level, summer/winter mode and thermostat feedback.

Pellet Duo is manufactured with the finest certified boiler steel ASTM A106. The wide door openings make easy cleaning of the top heat exchanger, middle loading of biomass and removal of ashes from the bottom. All maintenance is performed from the front and there is no need to unscrew anything else. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation, and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

Warranty: 10 years