BF900 - 230gal
BF900 - 230gal
BF900 - 230gal
BF900 - 230gal
BF900 - 230gal

BF900 - 230gal

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Thermal storage can be compared to a battery which accumulates heat and gradually give it back.

Size estimate for 1 gal firebox = 5 to 10 gal of storage.

Application: UNI 15-35, Pellet 40-95, Eko 40-95

Volume 230gal - 872L
Weight 240 lb, Width 31", Height 77"
Connection: 9x 1 ¼" FPT and 5x ½" FPT
Steel Grade: ASTM A283
Max Pressure 60 PSI
Insulation Side 4" and Top 5"
Made in Europe

A perfect designed heating system will match maximum heat output in the coldest day of the year. Meanwhile, boilers are almost always oversized and operate in partial load condition. In result, boilers rarely reach 100% capacity and are required to modulate down to a minimum of 30%. When boilers modulate down, they decrease proportionally from 90 to 65% efficiency.

Buffer tank allows the boiler to operate under any conditions at 100% capacity for maximum efficiency. They also serve as the center for all hydronic connections. Storage ease and optimize the operation of a modern hydronic system.

Warranty: 10 years