Eko Duo 55 - 190'000 BTU
Eko Duo 55 - 190'000 BTU
Eko Duo 55 - 190'000 BTU
Eko Duo 55 - 190'000 BTU

Eko Duo 55 - 190'000 BTU

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Eko Duo is optimized for burning coal up to 1½". The boiler cycle to keep hot ashes to ignite next fire. In addition, you may also burn pellets, grains and other biomass including manual feed.

Heat: 8'000 ft²
Weight: 1'300 lb
Firebox: 44 gal, Length 20⅞", Width 20.5", Height 31¼"
Hopper Volume: 112 gal - 910 lb of coal 
Anthracite Coal size: Rice, Buckwheat and Pea
Made in Europe

Eko Duo is the last generation of automatic coal boiler. It is equipped with a modern self-cleaning burner, a feeding cast iron auger, an electric gear motor, a hopper and a backdraft prevention system. It burns primarily coal but also pellets, grains and other biomass up to 1½" and manual feed such as wood, coal, woodchips, peat briquette and much more. The unique design allows complete heat recovery with exhaust gases at less than 265-300°F. The boiler has a guaranteed efficiency of 93%. 

TIS tronic 481R master the combustion process depending on user parameter, weather, exhaust sensor and fuel quality. With the large capacity hopper, the boiler will operate from 3 to 7 days in cold winter period.  Simply enter the setpoint heating water temperature and the boiler will modulate the combustion to match load. If the load is small the boiler will cycle to keep hot ashes. The domestic hot water function is also included in the controller.

Eko Duo is manufactured with the finest certified boiler steel ASTM A106. The wide door openings make easy cleaning of the heat exchanger, loading of biomass and removal of ashes. All maintenance is performed from the front and there is no need to unscrew anything else. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation, and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

Warranty: 10 years