PRO 97 - 340K BTU
PRO 97 - 340K BTU

PRO 97 - 340K BTU

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Pro DR burns any kind of manual feed biomass such as wood, coal, woodchips, peat briquette and much more. Simple and efficient Pro DR is our most cost-effective biomass boiler.

Heat: 9'000 ft²
Weight: 992 lb
Width: 28'', Depth: 27'', Height: 55''
Firebox: 44 gal, Length 17¾", Width 21", Height 26"
Made in Europe

Pro DR advantages are the large fuel loading chamber and a Thermostatic regulation of air inlet damper. The boiler burn clean complete combustion and extracts the maximum amount of heat with a guaranteed efficiency of 85%

Pro DR using no electricity and is preferred for off-Grid installation. It fit naturally in no pump system with thermosiphon circulation. The combustion is adjusted with a thermostatic lever that asdjust the air inlet of the boiler depending of the preset boiler temperature.  The boiler can heat your domestic hot water, thermal storage, direct feeding design and more. Simply turn the thermostatic element knob to desire water temperature and the boiler will modulate the combustion to match setpoint.

Pro DR is manufactured with the finest certified boiler steel ASTM A106. The wide door openings make easy cleaning of the heat exchanger, loading of biomass and removal of ashes. All maintenance is performed from the front and there is no need to unscrew anything else. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

Warranty: 10 years