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Parts: 1 Controller 260

  • 1 Controller 260
  • 2.1 Fan UNI 15-40 Part no. WPA 07 / WPA 117 / VFS-120-2E-A-2
  • 2.2 Fan UNI 55-95 Part no. WPA 145 / VFS-140-2E-A-2
  • 3 Sensor CT4
  • 4 Sensor CT2
  • 5 DZT-1
  • 6 DZT-2
  • 7 Fuse pack (5)
  • 8 Relay 230VAC
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UNI 15-40-60-95 boiler replacement parts:

1 Controller Tronic 260 with both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
2.1 Fan (UNI 15-40: WPA 07 / WPA 117 / VFS-120-2E-A-2)
2.2 Fan (UNI 55-95: WPA145 / VFS-140-2E-A-2)
3 Sensor CT4 for boiler and domestic hot water (Parts no. KTY81-110/KTY82-210)
4 Sensor CT2 for exhaust and outdoor (Part no. PT-1000)
5 DZT-1 Thermal sensor, Open 185°F/85°C, Close 140°F/60°C
6 DZT-2 Thermal sensor, Open 200°F/95°C, Close 155°F/70°C
7 Fuse pack (5)
8 Relay 230VAC (used to install a 120V pump)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josh Pool (Washington, US)

Quick shipping and everything I needed to get my boiler back up and running.

joseph slater (Saint Paul, US)
UNI 95

I am very happy with this furnace. I have not had to turn on my backup boiler since I first fired this UNI95 up, the rapid recovery has made this possible. I have not been able to achieve the 12 or 24 hour fueling cycle; however, this boiler uses approximately 1/3 of the wood my previous boiler used. It was very easy to integrate into my my system. I use the controls on the boiler to control the boiler and a Techmar controller to control my under floor hydronics.

Abraham Farkas (Middletown, US)
Its Perfect . . .

I Have it for 3 years now and i love it its very user friendly and low maintenance
and give out a lot of heat i use for 8000 sf shop and it works

Terry Redekop (Burnaby, CA)
Spare parts

I had no issues getting spare parts for my MBtek boiler

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