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Buffer Tank

My plumber has looked over the tank and is very impressed with the construction. He will install it as soon as the new thermostat I have ordered arrives. Looking forward to see how the addition of it will lengthen the cycling of the boiler.

Wi-Fi Fan Coil Thermostat
Tellt Wilcox (Riverview, US)
Just what we needed

Work great and app works great too. Only been a couple months so hopefully they keep working good for a long time.

PELLET 50 boiler, 170K BTU
Eli Schmader (Sligo, US)
Pellet Duo 40 Boiler

I am very pleased with my new boiler. It is a well-made little unit and was delivered to me complete and damage free. Two mentionable items. First, I had to swap the wires going to the flame detector, other than that the system started and operated perfectly. Secondly, the design of the hopper is not as advertised on MBTEK website. It is unpainted galvanized metal construction with a slide open lid not a hinged lid. I like the design, no complaints there, I’m only pointing out that it’s not what I thought I was getting.
I’ve been operating the unit for about 3 months with no issues. I went as far as to purchase wood pellets from every big box store around and the unit performs the same using all of them. I have even operated the unit on 100% Cherry Pits, and it operated flawlessly.
The one feature that I was really looking forward to, was the ability to use firewood as a small supplemental heat source. I started a firewood burn twice now, just for fun. It does a good job controlling the solid wood fire. I was pleasantly surprised. My only complaint is that, at the end of the burning, I have to manually switch the unit to pellet mode. I hope that there is a software update (or I figure out how to set it up properly) that it will allow the unit to automatically switch over to pellet fuel after the solid wood fuel burns out.
Lastly, I would highly recommend MBTEK. They have answered several of my questions in a timely manner and are very easy to contact.

EKO DUO 300 hybrid boiler, 1000K BTU
Brian Auge (Spencer, US)
EKO Duo 300 Boiler

So far I have been happy with the MBTEK Duo 300 Boiler. It took a long time to get the unit, but it seems to be very well built. This is a very large Boiler, We have 4 buildings that this unit is heating. It has kept everything warm through the recent Blizzard and cold spell, so I am pleased with the output. We are still trying to get the settings right so that we are not using too much fuel, but that will come with time. The biggest complaint I have is that the unit only reads in Celsius, and cannot convert to Fahrenheit. Also the unit runs on 230v so has to have a power converter.

UNI 40 wood boiler, 130K BTU
Mike (Coventry, US)
Uni 40

So far it’s been fantastic, does 2600 sq house along with domestic hot water. Was a little confused when it came in with a euro plug but customer service was extremely helpful with very quick responses.

Boiler Protection Valve
Robert Nunemacher (Columbia, US)
Boiler recirc. Valve

Good quality valve

UNI 40 wood boiler, 130K BTU
Keven Paquin (Nicolet, CA)
Satisfied about product but...

Product seems very good even if they are the cheapest on the market. Although i must say that installation instruction are weak and support is bad. You must have knowledge on installing and parametering things. I highly recommand for advanced or expert consumers.

PHOENIX 35, Compact Pellet Boiler, 120K BTU
Robert Brett (Portsmouth, US)
Money saving game changer.

I was due for a new furnace and the prices of heating oil was a challenging thought. I took the leap and ordered/installed a Phoenix 30 after seeing my father in Wisconsin heat his entire home with a pellet stove. I couldn't be happier. The upfront costs of the install will pay themselves off in two years and I will continue to heat my home in New England for the small amount of $900 a year. Well worth it if you are looking to save some money. I love it!

UNI 15 wood boiler, 65K BTU
William Dupont (Stafford, US)
uni 15

I didnt purchase a boiler, as it was still in testing and unable to sell to public.

Wi-Fi Fan Coil Thermostat
Kevin Docherty (Scarborough, CA)
Finally a decent app controlled fan coil themostat

Works great, simple app control. Good to be able to control things remotely via my phone.

Parts EKO 15-35-55-95
Lawrence Gill (Janesville, US)
Wyoming coal

I bought this and installed it about 100 feet from my house in a separate shed with underground pipes to feed my floor heat. I only live 25 miles from a coal mine. I feed the hopper using a grain auger from a trailer and fill the hopper about once a week or more. Like all Cole furnaces it takes maintenance and is somewhat dirty when one has to clean it which is only every couple of weeks. The control unit blew out after about a year and I had to buy another one but this one seems to be working fine. I had to figure out how to install it myself since he was nobody around here who would ever seen one of these. I had to convert the 24 V thermostat from the house to a 12 V input to the control board and I also had to get 240 V pumps but actually it has been quite successful. I'm very happy with the unit and would definitely buy one again, I'm not a plumber or an HVAC professional and I wish the instructions could've been a little more clear, but I was able to figure them out and it worked fine.

UNI 15 wood boiler, 65K BTU
Daniel Crampton (Notre Dame de Lourdes, CA)
UNI 40 happy heater

The UNI 40 boiler i bought is successfully heating my home in a fairly cold climate (-30 is not uncommon). I am burning mostly deadfall so far and not high quality firewood. The boiler has a bit of learning curve to get operation down pat. One observation is that while the boiler is very responsive in terms of heat output in a short period of time, performance efficiency would be enhanced with a significant buffer tank which I plan to install in due course. I am pretty happy with the boiler to date and installation/operation were straightforward and relatively simple to master.

Wi-Fi Fan Coil Thermostat
Diego Arboleda N90FB (Guayaquil, EC)
Good product

Good product and nice design

UNI 15 wood boiler, 65K BTU
Anthony Fresco (Queens, US)

UNI 15 wood boiler, 65K BTU

Parts Pellet 20-40-60-95
Sony Tremblay (Val-d'Or, CA)

Bonne machine

Wi-Fi Electric Heater Thermostat
Zbigniew Zareba (Queens, US)

I did not instsll it jet

APOLLO PEX Manifold 6 Loop
Brody Jett (Newport, US)
Good unit for a good system

Have had this installed on my 4ksqft home and it has had no issues. i had one problem and MBTEK fixed the issue.

Parts Pellet 20-40-60-95
Paul Callahan (New Market, US)

Got everything I needed

Boiler Pump

The pump has been running fine for over two years now. It runs from November to March every day. The only imperfection was the threaded adapter developed a crack from being tightened too much, would prefer a sweat connection.

Pool and Spa Heat Exchanger
Robert Nunemacher (Columbia, US)
Stainless heat exchanger

Very well built, and good value for this type equipment.

Parts UNI 15-40-60-95
joseph slater (Saint Paul, US)
UNI 95

I am very happy with this furnace. I have not had to turn on my backup boiler since I first fired this UNI95 up, the rapid recovery has made this possible. I have not been able to achieve the 12 or 24 hour fueling cycle; however, this boiler uses approximately 1/3 of the wood my previous boiler used. It was very easy to integrate into my my system. I use the controls on the boiler to control the boiler and a Techmar controller to control my under floor hydronics.

PELLET 50 boiler, 170K BTU
Fernand Gagne (Providence, US)

Nice boiler
Operate easy
No issues thank you

Parts UNI 150-300-500
Lloyd Shackelford
wood boiler

Great boiler. I live in an old 2 story farm house that is over a hundred years old. This boiler keeps it very warm no matter the temperature outside. I fill it twice a day and don't have to keep filling it with water like my old wood fired boiler. Great investment, has saved me a ton of money on heating bills.

UNI 15 wood boiler, 65K BTU
Jerome Blais (Trois-Rivières, CA)
Excellent achat

La chaudière Uni 15 est très performante, économique et facile d'utilisation

PELLET 50 boiler, 170K BTU
Corey W Gillum (Hunker, US)
Duo 40 pellet boiler

This boiler may take a while to get here. It takes some time to learn and perfect. It's not cheap.... But it's worth the wait. It's worth the expense. Well built and well thought out. I am pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend to a homeowner who is mechanical an tech savvy. If your the type of person who likes to tinker with things your gonna love this boiler. It's not plug an play, it's a totally customizable system that you fine tune to your homes personal needs. Get a professional heating /plumber to install this unit an be sure to get the ecoster thermostat with your unit. I bought this unit to replace my hot water oil burning furnace because heating oil was 5.95 a gallon. I use about 1200 gallons a year. This duo 40 has paid for itself already. A real work horse so far. I can't say enough about the quality of build on the thing. I was skeptical to purchase from a foreign manufacturer,but everyone who sees it in action all say the same thing, " dam nice piece , impressive". In addition to all of that, I can keep all my fuel expenses in my local area instead of buying from big tech oil companies all over the world.

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