EKO DUO 300 hybrid boiler, 1000K BTU


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AUTOMATED EFFICIENT COAL BOILER WITH EXTENDED AUTONOMY UP TO 2 WEEKS Eko Duo is optimized for burning coal up to 1". The boiler cycle to keep hot ashes to ignite next fire. In addition, you... Read more


Eko Duo is optimized for burning coal up to 1". The boiler cycle to keep hot ashes to ignite next fire. In addition, you may also burn pellets, grains.

When ordering, you can select the side for the hopper (left or right side of the boiler). This boiler can work continuously for up to 5 days without any additional services (until fuel run out).

Automatic ash removal screw system is an option also.

Heat: 32000 ft²
Weight: 2700 lb
Hopper Volume: 400 gal - 4000 lb of coal
Coal type: Anthracite and Bituminous
Coal size: Rice, Buckwheat, and Pea
Made in Europe
Commercial Grade for Commercial Use

Eko Duo is the last generation of automatic coal boiler. It is equipped with a modern self-cleaning rotary cast iron burner, a feeding auger, an electric gear motor, a hopper and a backdraft prevention system. The automatic burner in the bottom chamber burns coal but also pellets, grains and other biomass up to 1½". You can also manual feed coal, wood chips, peat briquette and much more using the middle chamber. The unique design allows complete heat recovery. The boiler has a guaranteed efficiency of 90%.

TIS tronic 481R master the combustion process depending on user parameter, weather, exhaust sensor and fuel quality. The controller easily adapt to any modern hydronic heating system and combine with domestic hot water, thermal storage, direct feeding, zone mixing design and more. Simply enter the setpoint heating water temperature and the boiler will modulate the combustion to match load. If there is no load the boiler will standby and reignites when needed. The automation with the large capacity hopper provides 4 to 10 days autonomy. The controller also includes functions of circulation pumps, motorize mixing valve, buffer tank, fuel level, summer/winter mode and thermostat feedback.

Eko Duo is manufactured with the finest certified boiler steel ASTM A106. The wide door openings make easy cleaning of the top heat exchanger, middle loading of biomass and removal of ashes from the bottom. All maintenance is performed from the front and there is no need to unscrew anything else. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation, and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

Warranty: 10 years


Best used with: Boiler Station: All-in-one Solution, provides a circulation pump, a thermometer, a Boiler Protection Valve, and Insulation


Customer Reviews

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Brian Auge (Spencer, US)
EKO Duo 300 Boiler

So far I have been happy with the MBTEK Duo 300 Boiler. It took a long time to get the unit, but it seems to be very well built. This is a very large Boiler, We have 4 buildings that this unit is heating. It has kept everything warm through the recent Blizzard and cold spell, so I am pleased with the output. We are still trying to get the settings right so that we are not using too much fuel, but that will come with time. The biggest complaint I have is that the unit only reads in Celsius, and cannot convert to Fahrenheit. Also the unit runs on 230v so has to have a power converter.

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