Ever dreamed of a pool that's always at the perfect temperature? Make it a reality with our Ultimate Guide to Pool Heat Pumps! 

The problem: Frozen or Uncomfortable Pools
Picture this: a frozen pool or one that's just not right for a relaxing swim. Frustrating, right? That's where our guide steps in.

Introducing Your Essential Guide
Consider this your roadmap to pool paradise! We're breaking down the key factors you need to know to transform your pool into a year-round oasis:

Which version? 

Looking at our pool calculator, you may wonder, which one should I use?

It turns out that we have two versions, one for people with basic knowledge and one for advanced users.

Choose the version that best suits you.

Heat pump or boiler?

Pool calculator will give you an estimated of the BTU/hr needed, so based on that number you can select boiler or heat pump size


 Selecting the ideal location for your pool is crucial. Factors such as sunlight exposure, wind patterns, and proximity to structures can significantly impact the efficiency of your pool heating system.

Size Matters

 Don't let your pool size be a stumbling block. We delve into the relationship between pool size and heat pump capacity, ensuring you choose the right equipment for efficient heating

Temperature Sweet Spot

Discover the perfect water temperature for your pool that accommodates various preferences. We provide guidelines to help you find the ideal balance between refreshing coolness and soothing warmth, ensuring your pool is inviting to all swimmers, regardless of personal preferences.

Professional installation

The success of your pool heating journey hinges on proper installation. We provide insights into selecting qualified professionals, understanding the installation process, and maintaining your system for long-term performance. A professionally installed heat pump is the key to unlocking the full potential of your pool.

Note: Remember that the heat exchanger must always be oversized according to its heat source to avoid underperformance due to reach the maximum power tranfer, which will be 30% more for boilers and 2 x size for heat pumps.

Ready to Dive In?

Wait, there's more! Get hands-on with our Pool Calculator – the perfect tool to kickstart your pool-heating journey. Every pool has a starting point, and it begins here!

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