BIO DUO 150, Woodchip Boiler 500 KBTU


BIO DUO 150 is a modern boiler capable of heating output of 45 to 150 kW (150 KBTU to 500 KBTU) with automatic fuel supply for burning wood chips.

Heat: 15000 ft²
Weight: 4900 lb
Power: 45-150 kW (150-500k BTU)

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For Commercial use only. BIO DUO 150 is a modern boiler capable of heating output of 45 to 150 kW (150 KBTU to 500 KBTU) with automatic fuel supply for burning wood chips. The boiler is designed to operate in heating systems for residential and industrial facilities. Distinctive a feature of the boiler is the ability to operate on wood waste fuel of any quality. The boiler is completed with a feed hopper device and automation.

System safety (thermal water protection with sensor fuel line temperature control) protects the boiler from fuel ignition in the system auto-feed. Due to the design features boiler and unique manufacturing technologies maximum possible recovery is achieved by the thermal energy of the combusted fuel. The exhaust gas temperature is not more than 155 °С.

On BIO boilers the ignition button must be pressed and held until fire starts, when releasing the button the igniter stops

It can manually burn wood; You can also choose to have an automatic ash removal

system and/or an automatic igniter system.

Hopper can be mounted Left or Right during Installation

  • Heat: 15000 ft²
  • Weight: 4900 lb
  • Hopper Volume:
    • Regular Size: 300 gal - 3000 lb of woodchip
    • XL Size: 400 gal - 4000 lb of woodchip
  • Power: 45-150 kW (150-500k BTU)

Woodchip fuel
Made in Europe
Commercial Grade for Commercial Use

  • Efficiency at rated power not less than 86%
  • Made from the best high-strength boiler steel grade ASTM A106
  • Thermal insulation 2” thick
  • Powder-coated skin resistant to mechanical stress
  • Wide door opening angle
  • Cleaning and maintenance are carried out from the front boiler parts
  • Reliable security system (thermal water protection with control sensor fuel line temperature)
  • Equipped with automatic TIS TRONIC 660HD



  • Boiler fan control
  • Boiler feeder control
  • Control of pumps for central heating (CH), hot water supply (DHW), hot water circulation (DHW) and mixing circuit;
  • Temperature control of flue gases
  • Operation according to data from the outside temperature sensor
  • Work in modes -" winter-summer "
  • Boil protection;
  • Possibility of connecting a room thermostat, internet module TIS TRONIC 501

BIO HARD is manufactured with the finest certified boiler steel ASTM A106. The wide door openings make easy cleaning of the top heat exchanger, middle loading of biomass, and removal of ashes from the bottom. All maintenance is performed from the front and there is no need to unscrew anything else. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation, and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.

Warranty: 10 years

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