UNI 300 wood boiler, 1000K BTU


Heat: 25'000 ft²
Weight: 5050 lb
Width: 39'', Depth: 81'', Height: 84''
Firebox size: 278 gal.us
Logs length: 66"
Made in Europe

Warranty: 10 years

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UNI Wood Boiler
Main Features

  • Fire Box

    Includes a large loading chamber
  • Smart Controller

    Multiple customizable options
  • Automated Fan

    Several speed options
  • Burning time

    Up to 24 Hours
  • Heat exchanger

    Efficient tubular design
  • Boiler Steel Frame

    High-strength grade, 5mm thick 

Main Features

Thickness nearly 1/4"


UNI boilers are constructed with ASTM A106,  the highest quality certified boiler steel with powder coated boiler casing. This unit is distinguished by its enlarged loading chamber featuring durable cast-iron grates. High-quality multi-layer coating, non-combustible 2" insulation, and thermal protection systems ensure long-term and worry-free operation.

Powerful controller

Our boiler is outfitted with the most recent controller, allowing you to automatically control the operation of the fan with smooth modulation, the central heating pump (CH), and the hot water pump (DHW). You will also be able to program the combustion process based on the fuel type and operating conditions.

A heat source you can count on

This boiler is clean, full combustion extracts the greatest amount of heat with a guaranteed efficiency of 86 % or more, using micro air metering in the lower and higher fire chambers.

Up to 24 hours

The spacious fuel loading chamber and variable heat output from 30 to 100 percent are features you will only find in UNI. It is also highly efficient with an exhaust gas maximum temperature of less than 260°F / 300°F. When combined with a buffer tank, you can access the gasification mode, which allows you to extract the most energy from your solid fuel.

Questions ?

Made of high-strength boiler steel


Simple to use

BOILER UNIT UNI 15 UNI 40 UNI 60 UNI 95 UNI 150 UNI 300 UNI 500
Capacity KBTU 27 - 68 51 - 137 85 - 205 154 - 338 185 - 512 320 - 1000 545 - 1700
Heat Area ft² 2500 4000 5000 6500 9000 15000 22000
Water Vol. gal 21 30 40 48 112 315 515
Connection inch 1 ½ 1 ½ 2 2 2 3 3
Chimney inch 6 8 8 8 8 12 12
Firebox Size gal 25 44 58 81 159 278 382
Log Length inch 20 24 26 30 48 66 88
Boiler Width inch 24 28 30 39½ 39½ 39½ 39½
Boiler Depth inch 25 34 36 50 63 81 105
Boiler Height inch 55 55 65 69 69 84 84
Boiler Weight lb 716 992 1224 1490 2000 6050 7800

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Frequently Asked Questions


Payment and Shipping


Where can I find your dealers?

We don't have a dealership. Please speak directly with one of our sales agents via phone, chat, email or text message for more information.

Who will install my boiler?

Mbtek does not offer physical installation. You will need a hydronic plumber to connect the boiler to the water system and a chimney installer. Please contact us for any assistance.

Where can I find parts?

At this link. We have spare parts ready to ship the following business day.

How long does a fire last?

This will depend on the type of wood you are using. However, at the lowest settings, a fire can last up to 24 hours. We recommend using gasification mode, which ensures excellent combustion with a quick yet strong fire. We also recommend storing this intense heat in a buffer tank. This will allow you to diffuse the heat slowly as needed.

Do I need to purchase anything else with my wood boiler?

When should I receive my unit?

When the unit is in stock, we will book the shipment for the following business day. The availability (or ETA) of a specific unit is mentioned on the top of each product page. Depending on your location, delivery can take 3 to 12 days.

Do I have to pay customs fees if my unit is coming from another country?

No. We take responsibility for these charges.

Are your products shipped from the U.S. or Canada?

This varies for each product. We have warehouses in Pennsylvania (U.S.), Alberta (CAN), and Quebec (CAN).

What is the product warranty?

We offer a 10-year warranty on welds. 
We also have replacement parts available.
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