Introducing the UNI 15 Wood Boiler: Your Ultimate Heating Solution


Bitterly cold winters can be a formidable adversary, especially when your heating system falls short of your expectations. Inefficiency and fuel restrictions can leave you shivering and frustrated, searching for the right solution. But fear not, for we have a remarkable heating hero to introduce: The ¡UNI 15 WOOD BOILER! 🔥
This Heat Generator is designed to efficiently warm spaces up to 2,500 sq. ft., ensuring your household is filled with warmth and comfort during the winter.
The UNI 15 WOOD BOILER is versatile, energy efficient, eco-friendly, and ready to tackle your heating needs, no matter how demanding they may be. Let's explore this top-notch heating solution, proudly made in Europe and built for commercial-grade performance.

Efficient Heating for Cozy Winters

The UNI 15 WOOD BOILER stands as a reliable and efficient solution for those seeking comfort during cold winter months. Here's why it's your ideal choice:

  1. Vast Coverage: With the capacity to heat up to 2,500 sq. ft., the UNI 15 ensures that no corner of your home is left chilly.

  2. Flexibility of Biomass as fuel: Say goodbye to fuel restrictions. This heating system accommodates a variety of Biomass as fuel types, including wood, coal, and woodchips. You have the freedom to choose the Biomass that suits your preferences and circumstances.

  3. Gasification Mode: The UNI 15 WOOD BOILER is equipped with a gasification mode that enhances its efficiency and reduces environmental impact. This advanced technology ensures that you get the most out of your chosen Biomass as fuel source.

  4. Chimney Sensor: The built-in chimney sensor adds an extra layer of safety to your heating experience with the UNI 15 WOOD BOILER. It helps monitor and optimize the combustion process, making sure that your heating system runs smoothly.

  5. Commercial-Grade Quality: Designed and built to meet commercial-grade standards, the UNI 15 WOOD BOILER is built to perform correctly, whether you're using it for residential heating or other applications. Its durability is unmatched.

  6. Eco-Friendly: Embrace eco-friendly heating without compromising on warmth. The UNI 15 WOOD BOILER allows you to enjoy a toasty home while reducing your carbon footprint.


The UNI 15 WOOD BOILER isn't just a heating solution; it's your ticket to a cozy, warm winter filled with comfort and efficiency. Whether you're looking to heat your home, workspace, or any other area, the UNI 15 WOOD BOILER offers the flexibility and heat capacity to meet your needs. Its eco-friendly design, Biomass as fuel versatility, and commercial-grade quality make it a standout choice. So, say goodbye to the cold and hello to the UNI 15 WOOD BOILER – your dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly heating companion. 🌞🔥🌿 #EfficientHeating #VersatileSolution #WinterComfort