Elevate Your HVAC Control with APOLLO 8 Zone Valve Control! 

Managing your home's climate has never been more seamless, thanks to the cutting-edge APOLLO 8 Zone Valve Control. This intelligently designed control box takes the complexity out of your zoning system, offering a blend of reliability and user-friendly operation that transforms your HVAC experience.

🔌 Main Features:

1. Compatibility: Seamlessly works with both APOLLO Actuator and APOLLO Thermostat, ensuring a harmonious integration for optimal performance.

2. Centralized Wiring: Enjoy hassle-free connections with a thoughtfully designed layout above the manifold, providing convenience in managing your system.

3. Expandable Capacity: Connect up to 8 zone actuators, 8 thermostats, and 1 pump, providing the flexibility needed for diverse HVAC setups.

4. Power Supply: Operates on a robust power supply of 120VAC / 24VAC Control, equipped with a generous 5M cable for convenient placement.

5. Fuse Protection: Guarded by fuse protection, with 3 spare fuses included, ensuring the longevity and sustained performance of your system.

6. LED Display: Monitor your system effortlessly with the LED display, offering real-time insights into the status of open zones for added peace of mind.

7. Control Transformer: Comes complete with a control transformer boasting a 120VA Rating, providing the power needed for efficient operation.

8. Certification: CSA / UL Certified, providing the assurance of compliance with industry standards for safety and performance.

Experience the next level of HVAC control with APOLLO – your gateway to optimized zoning, climate management, and unparalleled efficiency! 🏡❄️ #APOLLO #ZoneControl #HVACManagement #EfficiencyMatters