Explore the main differences between MBtek's APOLLO series floor and wall-mounted fan coil units (FCUs) and learn which one would be the best suited for your space and needs, ensuring thus the best comfort and efficiency in your home.


The MBtek' APOLLO series offers both Floor Fan Coil Units (FCUs) and Wall-Mounted Fan Coil Units (WFCUs), which are essential components in home heating and cooling systems.

Let’s explore their main differences to learn how to determine the best choice as per your needs.


1) APOLLO Floor Fan Coil Unit (FFCU)

The APOLLO FFCU has been designed for optimal performance while maintaining a sleek profile. Here are its key features:

- Ultra-Thin Design: The APOLLO FFCU boasts a slim form factor, measuring only 18 cm thick. This makes it ideal for spaces where aesthetics matter, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any room.

- Quiet Operation: The FFCU operates silently, minimizing disturbances in your home environment. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or sleeping, the quiet performance ensures comfort without noise disruptions.

- Easy Installation: Installing the APOLLO FFCU is straightforward. It requires only two pipe connections, simplifying the setup process for homeowners and installers alike.

- DC High-Efficiency Fan Motor: The energy-efficient fan motor ensures effective air circulation. It efficiently distributes warm or cool air throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable temperature.

- Control Options: The speed control is achieved using the 120VAC FCU Thermostat which control voltage is 0-10VDC for fan speed adjustments. Thus users can customize the airflow based on their preferences.

2) APOLLO Wall-Mounted Fan Coil Unit (WFCU)

The APOLLO WFCU offers a different installation approach, catering to specific needs. Here are its notable features:

- Space-Saving Solution: Wall-mounted units save valuable floor space. By attaching the WFCU to the wall, homeowners maximize usable areas while enjoying efficient heating and cooling.

- Simple Installation: Mounting the WFCU is straightforward. Typically, it requires only two pipe connections, reducing installation complexity and time.

- Efficient Cooling and Heating: The WFCU excels at both cooling and heating. It provides year-round comfort, maintaining the desired temperature regardless of the season.

- Fan Speed Control: Similar to the FFCU, the WFCU features fan speed control. Users can adjust the airflow intensity to suit their preferences and room requirements.

Which is Better?

Choosing between a floor-mounted (FFCU) and a wall-mounted (WFCU) FCU depends on specific factors:

- Floor FCU (FFCU):

Best For: Larger rooms or open spaces where aesthetics are important.
Benefits: Quieter operation, easy installation with minimal pipe connections, and effective for spacious areas.
Room Size Indications: Larger than 1600 sq ft

FFCU: Ideal for larger rooms (e.g., living rooms, open-plan spaces) where the unit's slim profile and quiet operation enhance the environment.

- Wall-Mounted FCU (WFCU):

Best For: Smaller rooms or areas with limited floor space.
Benefits: Saves floor space, simple installation with a single pipe connection
Room Size Indications: Up to 1600 sq ft

WFCU: Suitable for smaller rooms (e.g., bedrooms, small offices) where floor space is at a premium and wall space can be utilized effectively.


Ultimately, the choice between a floor-mounted and a wall-mounted FCU depends on your available space, decoration preferences, and specific temperature requirements.

Both options offer reliable performance and contribute to a comfortable living environment.

Evaluate your room size, space availability, and aesthetic preferences to choose the FCU that best fit for your home.