For many homeowners, heating costs can be a significant burden on the budget. For Robert Davis, this was especially true, as he struggled to afford the high energy bills that came with his electric boiler. Determined to find a more cost-effective solution, Robert began researching alternative heating options. After careful consideration, he determined that an EVI Heat Pump Air-water system would be the best choice for his home.


Decision to Install a New System

As the winter months approached, Robert knew he needed to find a way to reduce his heating costs. He began researching different options and quickly realized that an EVI Heat Pump Air-water system could be the answer. These systems are known for their energy efficiency and ability to reduce heating costs significantly.

After comparing prices and considering the initial purchase price, installation costs, and ongoing operating expenses, Robert determined that an EVI Heat Pump Air-water system would be the most cost-effective choice for his home.


Installation Process

Robert knew that he needed professional help to install the new system, but he was disappointed to find that the product price quotes he received from contractors were too expensive. Determined to save money, Robert decided to take on the installation himself.

He purchased the necessary equipment and materials from our online store, which provided helpful guidance and support throughout the process. The installation process included removing the old electric boiler and making any necessary electrical and refrigerant connections. It was a challenging task, but Robert was determined to see it through. With the help of the manufacturer's instructions and, he was able to successfully install the EVI Heat Pump Air-water system.

Once the installation was complete, Robert tested the new system to ensure it was operating properly.



The next winter, Robert was thrilled to see the results of his efforts. His heating bills were a fraction of what they had been the previous year - in fact, he paid 75% less than the 2938$ he had paid the previous year. He was pleased with the reduced energy costs and lower monthly heating bills, and he was also grateful for the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint for his home, knowing that his new EVI Heat Pump Air-water system was more environmentally friendly than his old electric boiler.



Overall, the upgrade was a success, and Robert was proud of the fact that he had completed the work himself, saving money in the process. He was confident that he had made the right choice in switching to an EVI Heat Pump Air-water system and was grateful for the significant cost savings it provided.

For other homeowners looking to reduce their heating costs, Robert's experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of EVI Heat Pump Air-water systems. With careful planning and a bit of DIY know-how, it's possible to significantly reduce energy bills and improve the efficiency of your home heating system. So, if you're tired of high heating costs, it may be worth considering an upgrade to an EVI Heat Pump Air-water system.