Welcome to our guide on installing the MBtek APOLLO series Air-to-Water Heat Pumps. This energy-efficient heating solution has been designed in USA to provide comfort and savings for your family. Follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth installation process.

Step 1: Unboxing and Preparing the Installation Area

Begin by carefully unboxing your APOLLO series Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Verify that all components are present and undamaged. Then choose a suitable location to install the heat pump, one that is as close as possible to the water and electricity service connections to your home. Also, make sure the selected area is clean and well level.

Step 2: Connecting Water Pipe Lines

Connect the water pipe lines to the heat pump. The APOLLO series is compatible with radiant floor heating, fan coil units, and central air handlers. Use high-quality, insulated pipes to prevent heat loss and ensure efficient operation.

Step 3: Electrical Wiring

Hire a certified HVAC professional to handle the electrical wiring. The APOLLO series Air-to-Water Heat Pump requires a stable power supply and should be connected according to the national and local electrical codes.

Step 4: Setting Up the Wi-Fi Controller

The APOLLO series Heat Pump comes with a Wi-Fi controller for easy monitoring and adjustments. Install the controller in a convenient location and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. Download the associated app to manage the settings of your heat pump remotely.

Step 5: Testing the System

Once all connections are made, it's time to test the system. Turn on the Air-to-Water Heat Pump and check for any leaks or unusual noises. Adjust the settings using the Wi-Fi controller to achieve the desired temperature into each area or ambient.

Step 6: Yearly Maintenance

To maintain the efficiency of your Air-to-Water Heat Pump, perform yearly maintenance. This includes cleaning filters, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring all electrical connections are tight and clean. The estimated cost for yearly maintenance is minimal compared to the savings on energy bills.

Benefits of acquire one APOLLO Series Heat Pump:

• Energy Efficiency: With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) reaching as high as 5.65, the Apollo Series is one of the most energy-efficient Air-to-Water Heat Pumps on the global market.

• Silent Operation: Designed to be as quiet as a refrigerator, you won't hear it running from 10 feet away.

• Extreme Weather Performance: Operates effectively in a wide ambient temperature range from -31°F to 110°F.


Remember, while this guide provides a general overview, always refer to the manufacturer's manual for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.